Love for the Trans/Hemaphrodite

Masculine Transgendered Men
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Plz read before you bolt away....

This community is just starting so dont let the emptiness startle you. As a matter of fact, the topic is so rare, it may remain empty for a long time. But..read the guidelines and if you can relate, add yourself and aid in a member snowball of this community.

This community is also for people who are interested in dating people who look and act a certain gender, yet with the "parts" of the opposite gender.

I have searched long and hard for masculine transgendered males (did I say that correctly?) In other words..masculine men with female "parts." I have found nothing, so Im creating this commnuinty in the rare chance that there are people out there like that. I have no expectations for this community because the main focus of it is something that is very rare. However, I always have hope.

All is free to join.....controversy is welcome...rude disrespectful attacks are not. Other than that, there are no rules or guidelines.

Hermaphrodites are more than welcome as well.